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REACH Health FAQs and REACH Health have formed a partnership to provide a comprehensive, clinically proven telemedicine solution. By providing both the technology and the board certified neurologists, facilities can address the neurological care of patients presenting to the ED or clinical care setting.

How are teleneurology positions staffed? is part of the third largest healthcare staffing company in the U.S. We have board certified neurologists who are ready to care for your patients. We will ensure that physicians are licensed in the state where the patient is located and we will fully credential physicians at your facility. Whether you need full-time, call or fractional coverage, we have the physicians to cover or supplement your teleneurology operations.


How are facilities using teleneurology?

By securely connecting our board certified neurologists, anytime, anywhere, our solution enables remote consultations and collaboration with clinical care teams for telestroke and general teleneurology care.

  • Triage remote patients
  • Transfer high acuity patients
  • Monitor remote cases


What are the benefits of this 24/7/365 coverage?

Healthcare providers of all sizes, in all practice settings, benefit from this suite of services. We work with hospitals in rural areas looking to stop the outmigration of patients in need of neurological care, hospitals in urban settings looking for ED coverage and primary care groups looking for MS specialty care, to name a few. No matter what your facility type, you will benefit from utilizing these services and you will:

  • Achieve higher productivity from existing clinical resources
  • Enhance and streamline patient care
  • Decrease unnecessary testing
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Increase patient retention, reduce patient transfers
  • Reduce patient stays and readmissions through appropriate triage and local followup
  • Increase neurology service line revenue and market share


What does the software do?

REACH Health telemedicine software combines real-time audio/video, patient images and data, and clinical workflow to mimic in-person encounters. The software provides a complete clinical toolset that is specific to neurology and is designed to comprehensively evaluate patients presenting with neurological symptoms. REACH Health software features familiar survey tools like the Glasgow Coma Scale, National Institute of Health Stroke Scale, and Mini-Mental State Examination.

The software is designed to optimally address the needs of the remote consulting physicians, allowing them to effectively diagnose the patient and advise the ED physician, driving optimal outcomes for your patient population.


Is the software easy to use?

REACH Health software was designed by clinicians to meet the needs of remote care and is unique to each clinical specialty. The navigation is intuitively arranged in a format that mirrors specialty-specific work flow and care protocols. Consulting physicians use a single sign-on to access audiovisual conferencing, clinical images, and patient data, all of which are displayed within a single screen. The user interface is intuitive and includes helpful reminders such as contraindications for particular medications.

The patient interacts with the physician via high-resolution, two-way audio/video. The consulting physician has the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom the camera for closer examinations. Vital patient data – including images and lab results – are entered and readily available for reference and review. With REACH Health software the focus is on the patient, not the technology.


How are remote encounters documented?

The documentation tool creates an accurate, time-stamped record of the patient encounter and can be shared in multiple formats with the Electronic Medical Record. It can also be exported as a PDF for printing or reference. The documented note includes a full audit trail and supports compliance, regulatory requirements, reimbursement, and reporting needs. The ED staff can document collaboratively with the consulting physician and has access to the same data and reporting capabilities within this shared platform.


What is required to support this technology?

REACH Health software is provided as a “Software-As-A-Service” model, which means no servers or storage infrastructure requirements at the facility outside of a reasonable wireless network. Typically existing laptops and desktops are equipped with the necessary operating system and computing capabilities to utilize the technology. REACH Health takes its responsibility very seriously in housing patient data, with full redundancy, security, and disaster recovery measures in place to ensure HIPAA compliance. REACH Health software works with several patient-facing cart options through industry leaders such as Rubbermaid Healthcare.

Contact us for more information about this partnership and to learn more about how we can customize a solution for your facility.

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