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World Health Organization Addresses Burnout

World Health Organization Addresses Burnout

The World Health Organization recently announced burnout is an “occupational phenomenon,” where employees without an underlying anxiety or mood disorder feel exhausted, are mentally detached from work and exhibit poor performance. Healthcare workers, particularly physicians and advanced practitioners, face higher rates of burnout than most.
Our latest infographic illustrates some of the shocking statistics about clinician burnout, including recent survey data from LocumTenens.com.

Endocrinology Specialty Spotlight

A new, smarter type of insulin for diabetes care

A team of UCLA-led researchers are working on a new type of insulin, called i-insulin, that could bring exciting advances to diabetes care. To create the “smart” insulin, the research team added an additional molecule to insulin, a glucose transporter inhibitor, to chemically block glucose transporters from releasing glucose into cells when blood sugar is normal, thus reducing the risk of hypoglycemia. The glucose transporter inhibitor works in a dynamic process based on the amount of inhibitor and glucose molecules present. While current testing has been limited to mice with type 1 diabetes, the next steps are to study long-term compatibility in animal models before moving into clinical trials.

Featured Medical Mission

If you’ve been searching for a way to give back, consider medical missions work. We make it easy for you to find a trip that fits your needs through our MedicalMissions.org website. Registration is free for medical volunteers and for organizations who are recruiting healthcare personnel.

Check out this issue’s featured mission trip to Belize, sponsored by Partners For Belize.

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