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Tax tips for locum tenens clinicians - deadline extended to May 17

Tax tips for locum tenens clinicians - deadline extended to May 17
Are you prepared to file your 2020 taxes as a locum tenens independent contractor? We’ve got some tips to help those filing as 1099, including what forms to use and how to maximize your deductions.
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The link between sodium levels, death from COVID-19

According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, sodium levels could help clinicians identify COVID-19 patients who are more likely to need intubation and experience respiratory failure or death.
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Why I Chose Locum Tenens

Now more than ever, clinicians are choosing locum tenens so they can serve on the frontlines, wherever their care is needed most. Listen to Dr. Esco explain why she works locum tenens.
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Why I Chose Locum Tenens
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