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What Does the ICD-10 Delay Mean to Physicians?

On April 1, President Obama signed an SGR "doc fix," which will once again delay the 24-percent Medicare reimbursement cuts to physicians. Also included in the bill is the postponement of the ICD-10 implementation. The move from ICD-9 to ICD-10 is now delayed until October 1, 2015, which makes this the third time the date has been moved. While some providers may have breathed a sigh of relief, many were upset after spending considerable time and money to ensure successful transitioning. There are many questions left for CMS to answer before physicians can move forward.

What are your thoughts on the delay of the transition? Are you relieved or are you frustrated?

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Specialty Spotlight
Is Your Hospital Infecting Your Patients?Specialty Spotlight

One in 25 hospitalized patients has a hospital-acquired infection, according to the results of a new survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Pneumonia and surgical infections were the top two hospital-related illnesses, followed by gastrointestinal, urinary tract and blood stream infections. The National Patient Safety Foundation reminds patients, doctors and nurses to wash hands frequently and to make sure bandages and open wounds are kept clean and dry.

Do you encounter patients acquiring hospital-borne infections?

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Are you happy about the recent release of federal data on Medicare payments to individual physicians?

The Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) released data last week revealing how much individual physicians and other healthcare professionals billed Medicare in 2012. The data set contains information on more than 880,000 physicians and providers who collectively received $77 billion that year. By releasing this data to the public, the Obama administration hopes to increase transparency in healthcare and allow analysis of what types of services or which doctors are most costly to consumers.

In The News Asks Physicians to Nominate Their Best Places to Practice

We recently launched our Best Places to Practice Locum Tenens contest and want physicians to nominate up to three facilities that made them feel welcome as locum tenens physicians on recent assignments. The top facility will receive a $1,000 donation made to the charity of its choice, while the nominating physician receives $500. Nominators are asked to rate a facility based on training and onboarding processes, organization of operations, friendliness of staff, technology available, as well as other attributes. Physicians are also encouraged to write in comments on what makes the facility they are nominating stand apart in their minds. Physicians who have practiced as a locum tenens physician can complete the nomination form here. The assignment does not have to be from to eligible. The deadline for nominations is June 1, 2014.

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