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Should U.S. Physicians Be Worried About Ebola?

While the deadly Ebola virus ravages West Africa, many American physicians wonder if there is any reason to be worried about the disease traveling overseas. Approximately 900 people have died from the virus so far this year. Now that two patients are being treated for Ebola in the U.S., numerous healthcare providers and systems around the country are considering preparations for possible Ebola infections.

Are you or your facility prepared for a potential Ebola victim?

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Specialty Spotlight
U.S. Jobs Report Positive yet Hospital Job Growth Remains FlatSpecialty Spotlight

The economy is picking up and the latest job report shows the U.S. workforce is still steadily increasing, especially in the healthcare field. However, hospital job growth remains flat. Almost 13,000 jobs in doctor’s offices and home health programs were added last month, yet there was a decrease of more than 7,000 hospital jobs during that time. What’s causing this level of employment stagnancy? Possible contributing factors include payment cuts from the Affordable Care Act, layoffs due to the rise of hospital mergers and acquisitions, and incentives by payers for patients to be cared for in outpatient settings rather than inpatient.

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Poll Results
Majority of Respondents Concerned about EHR Adoption

Last month we asked, “Do you have concerns about EHR adoption in your practice?” Seventy percent of poll respondents said they were definitely concerned about adopting and implementing electronic health record software in their facilities. Ten percent said they were a little concerned and 20 percent were not at all worried. One doctor says he thinks EHR use “takes away from the care of the patient” and another says it makes the physician “totally preoccupied with the computer.”

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