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Are You Ready for ICD-10?

After years of moving deadlines, ICD-10 is expected to deploy nationwide on Oct. 1, 2015. ICD-10 is more specific than ICD-9, which it replaces, and is expected to help physicians more accurately report the severity and complexity of patient health conditions. What do physicians need to know about ICD-10? ICD-9 has 13,000 codes, while ICD-10 will have 68,000 codes. Most physicians will use a small subset of those codes, and tools and training resources are available to help.

See the ICD-10 Readiness page for training resources, free guides and other knowledge to help you ensure you are ready for ICD-10.

Specialty Spotlight
Detailed Hospital Data Available on YelpSpecialty Spotlight

Yelp is partnering with the nonprofit news organization ProPublica to provide U.S. consumers with data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and additional research. Now people can see reviews about certain hospitals and also review data about wait times, fines, number of beds, quality of rooms and physician communication.

Read the article and share your thoughts with us.

What Do You Do With Your Earned Miles and Hotel Points?

Most people join rewards programs to earn miles or points to be used for traveling. Points can be cashed in for free flights or hotel stays. This can be particularly beneficial for locum tenens physicians, who could potentially earn points while traveling on someone else’s dime. If you are part of a rewards program, how do you use your points?

In The News
Illinois and Iowa Enact Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

In an effort to reduce physician shortages, especially in rural areas, the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact will speed up and streamline the licensing process for physicians to practice in multiple states. Eleven states have officially joined, with the required seventh state triggering the Interstate Compact Commission to begin discussing the administration of the Compact at a later point this year.

Read more about the compact.

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