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2014 Compensation Survey Results Are Here's annual Compensation and Employment Survey results are in. See how much physicians in your specialty are earning on average. Also, check out theYour Voice Matterssection to see how physicians weigh in on quality outcome metrics, patient satisfaction and how new measurements may impact their compensation.

See how your income compares to other hospitalists'.

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Top Safety Hazards Hospital Staff Should ConsiderSpecialty Spotlight

Ebola caused many U.S. hospitals to reevaluate safety protocols for infectious diseases. Going into 2015, personal protective equipment protocol for infection control tactics is an important safety hazard to consider. Other top safety concerns for the new year also should include hospital-acquired infections, antibiotic resistant infections, proper hand hygiene, health technology concerns, medication errors, workforce safety, transitions of care, diagnostic errors and patient engagement.

Read the article for more details on these top safety hazards.

Do you use social media professionally to engage with patients?

Many physicians and healthcare providers set up social media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter profiles, to connect and engage with patients. What are your thoughts on using social networks?

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Nominate a Physician for the Physician Of The Year Award

Nominations are now open for our annual Physician of the Year Award. Nominate a physician who does domestic or international charity work today. The deadline is January 15, 2015.

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