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Accountable to Whom? First of its Kind eBook on Physician Attitudes about Accountable Care

Accountable to Whom? has released a report on a survey of physician familiarity and comfort level with accountable care payment models. Physicians were most familiar and comfortable with pay-for-performance and least familiar and comfortable with shared savings arrangements. Survey respondents said they would be willing to accept some risk in order to participate in an accountable care arrangement but only if the conditions were right. Their preferred payer for an accountable care arrangement was Medicare.

Read the ebook.

Specialty Spotlight
WSJ Profiles Hospital at Home ProgramsSpecialty Spotlight

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on the growing popularity of Hospital at Home programs, the brainchild of Johns Hopkins Medical School professor, Bruce Leff. The programs seek to address two objectives of Medicare’s value-based purchasing program: 30-day readmissions and patient satisfaction. One hospital reported reducing readmissions from 16.9 percent to 14.5 percent. Do you have experience with Hospital at Home programs? Share your experiences in our comments section.

Should NY public hospitals limit painkiller prescriptions in the ER?

In an effort to reduce the number of prescription painkiller overdoses, the Bloomberg administration has announced new emergency room rules for prescription painkillers. ERs will no longer prescribe long-acting painkillers. They will prescribe a maximum of a three days' supply of narcotic painkillers, and they will no longer refill lost, stolen or destroyed prescriptions. The rules apply to New York's 11 public hospitals' emergency rooms, but some private hospitals are adopting the rules voluntarily. Oncology and palliative care patients are exempt from the limits, and the drugs will be available outside the emergency department.

What do you think about these rules? Are they a bold step in preventing prescription painkiller abuse or are they an infringement on physicians' ability to practice medicine?

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In The News
Doc Fix Coming this Year?

The Advisory Board predicts the best chances for a doc fix this year, but still only just slightly less than 50-50. What would the doc fix mean to you?

Share in our comments section.

Coca Cola Joins Anti-Obesity Fight with New Ad Campaign

Coca Cola seeks to join "the conversation" around the obesity epidemic with a new ad campaign.

Watch the commercial here.

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