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Nominations now open for LocumTenens.com 2019 Resident of the Year Award

Nominations now open for LocumTenens.com 2019 Resident of the Year award
Residents play a critical role in our health care system. Each year, we select one exemplary resident to receive our Resident of the Year award. We think every resident is a star, but you must have your own reasons for thinking one stands out above the rest. Who do you know that deserves this honor? Any physician who is currently in a resident program in the United States is eligible. Nominations, including self-nominations, must be submitted by February 20, 2019. The winner will be announced in March 2019 and will receive a $5000 cash grant.
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“SIESTA units” helping with in-hospital sleep deprivation?

Even minor amounts of sleep loss among hospitalized patients can result in negative health implications that affect blood pressure, blood sugar levels, delirium and hospital readmission rates. To improve this patient-centered problem, a new study conducted in a Chicago-area hospital divided admitted patients into one of two units, a standard unit or a SIESTA-enhanced unit (Sleep for Inpatients: Empowering Staff to Act). While trained clinicians were specifically coached on methods to improve sleep for patients in the SIESTA unit, those in the standard unit were not. How did they factor in the timing of vital sign checks and medications? With sleep being such a vital part of healing and recovery, is it feasible to reduce nighttime awakenings for hospitalized patients without compromising care?

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If you’ve been searching for a way to give back, consider medical missions work. We make it easy for you to find a trip that fits your needs through our MedicalMissions.org website. Registration is free for medical volunteers and for organizations who are recruiting healthcare personnel.

Check out this issue’s featured mission trip to South Africa, sponsored by International Medical Relief.
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