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COVID-19 Survey Results Are Here

COVID-19 Survey Results Are Here
What do healthcare practitioners think of the current and future state of the healthcare industry? In June of 2020, LocumTenens.com surveyed approximately 950 healthcare providers across all specialties, which included physicians, CRNAs, certified nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, clinical nurse specialists and psychologists, to evaluate the current healthcare landscape. Survey responses cover employment status, telehealth usage, furloughs and layoffs, mental health of both patients and healthcare practitioners, and resuming procedures.
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The disastrous effects of delaying care

The next healthcare crisis is looming in the midst of COVID-19. Clinicians are already starting to see the negative effects of patients delaying medical care during the pandemic.

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LocumTenens.com has over 2500 Hospital Medicine opportunities open on our website now. Search jobs to find the right fit for you.
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Why I Chose Locum Tenens

Why I Chose Locum Tenens

Now more than ever, clinicians are choosing locum tenens so they can serve on the frontlines, wherever their care is needed most. Listen to Dr. Esco explain why she works locum tenens.
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