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Time is Running Out to Nominate the Best Place to Practice

The deadline nears for our Best Places to Practice Locum Tenens contest, where we ask physicians to nominate up to three facilities that made them feel welcome as locum tenens physicians on recent assignments. The top facility will receive a $1,000 donation made to the charity of its choice, while the nominating physician receives $500. Nominators are asked to rate a facility based on training and onboarding processes, organization of operations, friendliness of staff, technology available, as well as other attributes. Physicians are also encouraged to write in comments on what makes the facility they are nominating stand apart in their minds. Physicians who have practiced as a locum tenens physician can complete the nomination form here. The assignment does not have to be from to eligible. The deadline for nominations is June 30, 2014.

Specialty Spotlight
Could Electronic Diagnostic Tool Reduce Hospital-Acquired Infections?Specialty Spotlight

The Centers for Disease Control has been alerting us to the concerning increase of antibiotic-resistant infections. About 70 percent of these infections last year were caused by hospital-acquired infections. A biotech company wants doctors to use an electronic diagnostic tool to help figure out a patient’s resistance profile so the physician can prescribe the appropriate drug and to be able to prescribe much faster. The company’s tool uses predictive modeling analytics to diagnose the infections more rapidly while also analyzing the level of drug-resistance of the infections.

Do you think this analytics companion tool would be beneficial in your hospital?

Read the article and share your thoughts.

Do you follow or engage with your patients through social media?

More and more healthcare providers are using social media to follow their patients or to engage with them. Some have Twitter accounts where they tweet health tips and others have Facebook pages for their practice or for their professional career. Social media has allowed healthcare interaction to move out of the hospital or doctor’s office and onto patients’ smartphones and computers.

Do you follow or engage with your patients through social media?

In The News
Apple and Samsung Have Combined Healthcare and Wearable Technology

Apple recently revealed its new smartphone app, called HealthKit, which will partner with major healthcare companies such as Epic Systems and Mayo Clinic. The partnerships even extend to providers in hospital settings, like Stanford hospitals and UCLA. Samsung has also unveiled a new digital health tool called SAMI. The goal of this platform is to empower consumers to take responsibility of monitoring their own health and wellbeing, which will begin with the Simband watch. Samsung has also partnered with healthcare companies, such Cigna and the University of California.

What do you think about patients wearing technology to monitor their health?

Read the Apple article here and the Samsung article here and share your thoughts with us.

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