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Introducing: The Self-Employment Sanity Series is proud to introduce an article series to help you manage your life as a self-employed physician. Our articles cover the gamut from 2013 tax law changes, to retirement options for the self-employed to tools to help you manage your budgets and your expenses.

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Specialty Spotlight
Bi-Partisan Senate Bill Aims to Reduce Re-admissions Through TelehealthSpecialty Spotlight

The Senate bill would launch pilot programs and provide incentives for remote patient monitoring. The success of the program would be measured in patient outcomes and cost savings to Medicare. An added bonus: telehealth could potentially help hospitals avoid some unnecessary readmissions and the associated Medicare penalties.

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Group Doctor's Visits: A good idea or an invasion of privacy?

A growing trend, group doctor's visits are designed to allow physicians to see a group of patients with a similar condition (typically a chronic disease) for a longer period of time. The upside for doctors is that they get to see more patients and for patients that they get to spend more time with the doctor as well as with their peers experiencing the same health problems. What do you think? Is this creative problem solving or an invasion of patient's privacy? Vote here!

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February Poll Results
Physicians Agree that NY Public Hospital ERs Should Limit Painkiller Prescriptions

Physicians overwhelmingly (79 percent) supported the NY Health Department's decision to limit painkiller prescribing through the ER. A poll respondent made a suggestion that NY "may want [to prescribe] 4 days [worth of painkillers] so that patient doesn't end up back in ER on weekend. Also need systems of keeping track of patient so they don't 'ER Shop'." One poll respondent who disagreed with the policy said, "Bloomberg is going wrong way to address this problem. He should learn from the recent Portugal experience where drugs were legalized."

February Poll Results

Patients for Fair Compensation
Patient Compensation System Bills Introduced in FL and GA

The Florida and Georgia legislatures are considering bills to establish a Patient Compensation System. The no-fault system could result in a reduction in malpractice premiums of up to 80 percent according to an actuarial study by AON. The proposal has generated a lot of conversation. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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March 30th is National Doctor's Day would like to take this occasion to acknowledge your tireless contributions and thank you for choosing to practice medicine. We are proud to work with such incredibly talented physicians every day.

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