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Mobile Medicine is the Future of Healthcare — Are You Ready?

Mobile technology and smartphone apps are quickly becoming important healthcare tools for both patients and doctors. A recent report by MedData Group based on a survey of 532 physicians from all areas of practice found that at least two-thirds of them use mobile-health apps while working. Almost 60 percent of the surveyed physicians say that they are considering use of apps to view EHR data over the next year. The respondents are also considering using mobile apps for secure texting, point-of-care information on drugs and diagnoses, patient portals for scheduling communication and patient use of mobile devices for health monitoring.

Do you currently use apps in your daily practice or do you discuss the benefits of it with your patients?

Read our article on mobile health technology and share your thoughts with us.

Specialty Spotlight
Hospitalist Care Efficiency Decreases With Too Many Patients Specialty Spotlight

Hospitalists can only effectively manage about 15 patients or less before care efficiency decreases, according to a new efficiency and safety study published in JAMA Internal Medicine. A recent survey showed almost every month 40 percent of hospitalists have workloads that surpass what they deem to be safe. Hospitalists can use the data published inJAMAto negotiate patient caseloads and show how more patients per hospitalist ultimately results in higher costs for the hospital.

Do find your care efficiency is affected if you are required to manage too patients at one time?

Read the article and share your thoughts with us.

Poll Results
Majority of Respondents Unhappy with Medicare’s Release of Federal Data

Last month we asked, “Are you happy about the recent release of federal data on Medicare payments to individual physicians?” A whopping 73 percent of poll respondents said no. One physician commented, “This is degrading to physicians, as no other profession is open to public with how much money a professional makes.” Another doctor asked, “What of the egregious payments to hospitals and the fact that these continue to escalate even though physician fees remain essentially flat?”

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