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Navigating the new normal: Telemedicine

Navigating the new normal: Telemedicine
COVID-19 prompted healthcare organizations across the country to turn to telehealth to protect both their patients and their clinicians. Whether you’re curious about telemedicine, new to practicing it or have been practicing for years, LocumTenens.com has a wealth of telehealth resources to help you navigate what’s likely to remain the new normal.
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Doctor expects the worst, receives welcome surprise

When one locum tenens clinician was pulled over for speeding, she expected to receive a ticket. Instead, an officer gave her life-saving PPE. “I needed to be reminded that ultimately it’s not toilet paper and N95 masks that are going to save us; it’s each other,” said Dr. Janjua.
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Why I Chose Locum Tenens

Now more than ever, clinicians are choosing locum tenens so they can serve on the frontlines, wherever their care is needed most. Listen to Dr. Esco explain why she works locum tenens.
Why I Chose Locum Tenens
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