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Honor a Physician for Medical Missions Work Through the Physician of the Year Award

Through the daily work we do with thousands of doctors like you, we know you are a giving group. To honor the contributions you make, we are sponsoring the Physician of the Year Award to honor physicians who give back in their community and around the world through medical missions work. Two honorees (for domestic and international service) will be selected. Each honoree will receive $10,000 to donate to his or her chosen medical mission-centered organization. Nominations, including self-nominations, can be completed by clicking the button below.

Deadline: December 19, 2013
Questions? Visit FAQs or contact us at or by phone at 678.992.1263.

Specialty Spotlight
Hospitals Measure Physician Workload with Different MethodsSpecialty Spotlight

Each hospital setting is different, which makes it difficult to accurately compare survey results for quality reports, especially when evaluating relative value units (RVUs). Some hospitals are focusing on units of service (UOS) instead of how many patients a physician sees during a shift. Evaluating how long it takes a physician to complete tasks during a shift provides a better indicator of quality. Regardless of what type of measurements hospitals use, many hospitalists agree that the heavy workload hinders their patient care.

How does your hospital measure your workload? Read the article and share your comments.

The VA says APRNs should be able to practice independently to fix the physician shortage. Do you agree?

Due to the growing demand for healthcare providers, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is proposing to allow all advanced practice nurse practitioners to practice independently and without physician supervision, regardless of state practice acts. This has caused a lot of concern by physicians who believe APRNs are not as well prepared for emergencies. Do you think APRNs should practice independently?

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In The News
Mostly Older Applicants One Month into Exchanges

So far the majority of the U.S. enrollees for the ACA exchanges are older, with many companies seeing applicants over the age of 50. Older adults tend to cost more, so many are worried if the younger citizens will begin enrolling. The open enrollment period ends in March, so the Obama administration is hopeful that the younger individuals will sign up when the deadline looms closer. A survey of about 4,000 visitors to the insurance marketplace shows that 37% of those who visited but did not enroll had technical difficulties which deterred them from signing up. Will the costly older Americans be the bulk of the newly insured, or will younger Americans eventually join them? Will the sign-up glitches ever be resolved?

Read article and share your thoughts.

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