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Telemedicine Market to Reach $43 Billion by 2019 surveyed clients about telemedicine, including the benefits and barriers, and asked about their current or future use of telemedicine as part of their healthcare strategy. This eBook reveals the results of the survey and provides insight into the concerns surrounding current barriers as well the benefits of telemedicine services. The eBook also offers suggestions for facilities considering incorporating telemedicine into their healthcare delivery strategies.

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Hospitalists Reduce Medical Errors if They Improve “Handoff” MethodsSpecialty Spotlight

Researchers have found that improving communication methods between physician shift changes can decrease medical errors in hospitals by almost 25 percent and the risk of adverse events in patients by 30 percent. The researchers measured the effects of using a “handoff” program between doctors at nine hospitals with oral and written data detailing illness severity, patient summary, action list, situation awareness, and contingency planning and synthesis by receiver (together called IPASS). The study authors encourage other hospitals to adopt this communication method and improve handoff of information between physicians.

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Nominate a Physician for the Physician Of The Year Award

Nominations are now open for our annual Physician of the Year Award. Nominate a physician who does domestic or international charity work today. The deadline is December 19.

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