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Physicians Unprepared for Obamacare president Shane Jackson is featured in Politico's Guide to the Affordable Care Act. Our research highlighted in the guide shows most physicians are not prepared for the Affordable Care Act. "As a group, they are incredibly uninformed about a lot of aspects of the law," Shane tells Politico. Are you prepared for Obamacare? How do you think this will affect you or your practice? Share in our comments section.

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Specialty Spotlight
Up to 400,000 Preventable Deaths a Year Occur in HospitalsSpecialty Spotlight

A new study shows the third leading cause of death in the U.S. is medical negligence in hospitals. An analysis of four separate studies reveals at least 210,000 preventable deaths occur in hospitals, though the estimation is twice that number at around 400,000 total. Based on this study, there needs to be an overhaul in hospitals regarding patient safety to decrease the prevalence of preventable deaths. Do you agree? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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Have You Been Affected by the Government Shutdown?

The shutdown of the federal government has impacted all of us across America, some more than others. For healthcare providers, have you seen any negative effects in your practice or hospital due to the shutdown? Have you had patients suffer?

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In The News
Failure to Raise Debt Ceiling Can Impact Healthcare

Economic analysts warn that if congress fails to raise the debt ceiling by Oct. 17, Medicare and Medicaid payments may be negatively affected, as well hospitals that have patients insured by these programs. The government shutdown did not stop the payments, but the programs are running low on cash. As the deadline approaches, the shutdown has shuttered any progress to reach an agreement on the debt limit. "As many people as are being hurt by a government shutdown, an economic shutdown that results from default would be dramatically worse," states President Obama.

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