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CDC Issuing New Protocols for Healthcare Workers in Wake of U.S. Ebola Scare

Last month we asked you if you thought healthcare workers should be worried about Ebola spreading to U.S. hospitals and the majority (83 percent) of you said “yes.” It appears most of you were right. Right now, healthcare providers around the country are worried and feel unprepared for potential Ebola patients. The CDC is updating its list of Ebola protocols and guidelines for U.S. hospitals. What went wrong in Dallas and how can healthcare providers prepare for potential Ebola victims in their own facilities?

Do you think the CDC is doing enough to help contain the spread of Ebola in the U.S. and do you think your facility will be prepared for possible Ebola victims?

Please share your thoughts with us.

Specialty Spotlight
Should the Flu Shot Be Mandatory for Your Nurses?Specialty Spotlight

The Massachusetts Nurses Association has recently filed a lawsuit against Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital over hospital policies forcing or strongly encouraging healthcare workers to get annual flu vaccines. Hospital administration and other proponents of the flu vaccine argue nurses could potentially be putting their immunocompromised patients at greater risk by not getting vaccinated themselves. Nurses maintain administrators should not have the authority to strong arm anyone into getting a live vaccine when they do not want one. Should healthcare workers be forced into vaccination due to the nature of their work, or should it be their decision?

Do you think the flu shot be mandatory for your nurses?

Read the article and share your thoughts.


We often hear from our physicians that they are interested in more information on how to manage their financial future, especially as contractors. In an effort to provide valuable educational resources, we would like to ask you a few quick questions.

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Americans Are Increasingly Becoming Medical Tourists

The number of Americans participating in “medical tourism” has been increasing each year, and will most likely increase 25 to 35 percent every year. Many Americans even travel to Canada, where many procedures are cheaper. Some states, such as Florida, are advertising themselves as attractive destinations to travel for medical services. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns there could be dangerous miscommunication between a patient’s original medical facility and an unfamiliar facility.

Read the article.

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