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2013 Compensation Survey Results Are In's annual Compensation and Employment Survey results are in. See how much physicians in your specialty are earning on average. Also, check out theYour Voice Matterssection to see how physicians weigh in on expected changes from Healthcare Reform.

See how your income compares to other primary care physicians'.

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More Than Two Million U.S. Residents a Year Infected by Antibiotic-Resistant InfectionsSpecialty Spotlight

The CDC met with federal officials last week to report that more than two million U.S. residents develop antibiotic-resistant infections a year and at least 23,000 die as a result of those infections. Two of the major reasons for the infections are due to the number of physicians prescribing unnecessary antibiotics and to the overuse of administering antibiotics to farm animals, which are eventually consumed by humans. CRE, one of the more lethal infections, has become one of the most deadly of the 18 drug-resistant bacteria and fungi and is now resistant to almost all antibiotics. The CDC is urging a dramatic change in how hospitals alter their current prescription methods.

Are you or your hospital considering making any changes to your current use of prescribing? Share in our comments section.

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ACA Open Enrollment Starts October 1

The Affordable Care Act's open enrollment starts on October 1st. There are going to be a lot of questions and concerns from current patients as well the newly insured. Are you prepared to help your patients navigate the new healthcare system?

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Hospitals See Increase in RAC Medical Record Requests

Health care providers saw a 47 percent increase of medical record requests from Medicare Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs) since the fourth quarter of 2012, according to a survey by the American Hospital Association. These audits allow the government to seize back Medicare reimbursement that appears to be erroneously or fraudulently issued. The survey found that the most commonly-cited reason for denial was medical necessity. Sixty-three percent of survey respondents reported they spent more than $10,000 on the RAC process in the second quarter of 2013. Forty-five percent reported spending more than $25,000 on the same process while 11 percent reportedly spent more than $100,000.

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