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Clinician mental health is worsening; is yours?

Clinician mental health is worsening; is yours?
Clinician burnout is not a new issue, but it’s been exacerbated by COVID-19. The pandemic prompted increased discussion about the need for mental healthcare for the general public, but we can’t forget about the mental health needs of medical professionals. In a recent LocumTenens.com survey, 52% of clinician respondents reported an increase in stress, burnout or mental health issues due to the pandemic. COVID-19 isn’t the cause of the ongoing clinician behavioral health and burnout crisis, but it’s a catalyst.
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Antimicrobial resistance on the rise in SICU patients

With antimicrobial resistance on the rise, particularly in surgical ICU (SICU) patients, researchers studied MRSA ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) to gain a better understanding of which patients would benefit from empiric coverage.
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