Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission Now Issuing Expedited Licenses

In an effort to reduce physician shortages, especially in rural areas, the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC) will speed up and streamline the licensing process for physicians to practice in multiple states. Nineteen states have officially joined, with the required seventh state triggering the Interstate Compact Commission. The IMLC Commission has has been conducting continual meetings to discuss the administration of the Compact, which has now been officially given the green light and is now accepting applications. Experts predict many more states in the U.S. will consider the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, if they are not already doing so. Legislation has been proposed in seven other states.

This legislation could increase patient access to care and also relieve the burden of overwhelmed physicians. The Compact could also be a huge development for physicians who provide services through telemedicine and for facilities that need to use these virtual services to improve patient care.

“ applauds and supports the Federation of State Medical Boards and its Interstate Medical Licensure Compact as it aligns with our mission to improve healthcare by providing patients with access to quality medical care,” said Chris Franklin, President of "The Compact will aid the thousands of physicians we staff in obtaining multiple state licenses more quickly, enabling them to fill more coverage gaps in areas of need and see patients quickly. As the physician shortage becomes a growing problem in the United States while patient demand increases, the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact will help improve patient access to physicians and medical care. is eager to support this legislation and the important healthcare reformation it brings.”


Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Resources (Via FSMB)

Track states proposing the legislation through this map.

What is the Process?

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