LocumTenens.com predicts possibility of eight to 16% shortage of radiologists by 2020


9/2/2010 12:00:00 AM


LocumTenens.com predicts possibility of eight to 16% shortage of radiologists by 2020

ALPHARETTA, GA September 1, 2010 - LocumTenens.com has published a first of its kind ebook showcasing the first decade of the twenty-first century in the field of radiology. In addition to a synopsis of the last 10 years, LocumTenens.com predicts what the future of radiology might look like, including a supply and demand forecast (accounting for 32 million newly insured people) that shows a possible shortfall of eight to 16%.

The ebook provides in-depth analysis of the important milestones and trends experienced by radiology over the last 10 years. It includes charts and figures quantifying these changes as well as expert analysis of their significance. Some of the topics covered include: workforce growth, radiology salaries, productivity rates, teleradiology and practice management companies, legislative changes, and more. It concludes by looking ahead to the next decade and the possible trends that the future holds for radiology.

"I believe radiology practices and hospital radiology departments will find this retrospective of the decade insightful and interesting," Shane Jackson, president of LocumTenens.com, said. "Radiologists have experienced a challenging decade. Our ebook is an opportunity to step back and look at the big picture and its significance to the field."

To download the ebook, click here Radiology Retrospective or visit /ebook/radeBook_main.

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About the Author
Katie Thill
Senior Vice President

The first employee hired by the start-up that became LocumTenens.com, Ms. Thill joined the agency in 1996 and became partner in 1998. Since those early years she has been instrumental in the firm's growth and success, facilitating its entry into new specialty markets and adding structure and accountability to newly formed teams. After taking over LocumTenens.com's radiology team as its vice president in 2002, Ms. Thill has taken the team from a negative position to producing roughly 20 percent of the firm's revenue annually. Since then she has also taken over direct management of the anesthesia team, and her role has expanded into operations and CVO, giving her a broad view of the locum tenens industry.

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