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New Tool Compares Licensing Requirements in Each State          

Find out everything you need to know about the licensing requirements in your state. LocumTenens.com now offers an interactive licensing map allowing you to simply choose, click and compare up to three states at a time. The details include timeframes for permanent or locum tenens licenses, costs/fees, fingerprint requirements and more.

Go to the licensing map.

Specialty Spotlight
Alzheimer’s Disease Could Improve Through Radiation Specialty Spotlight

Radiation is typically used for mostly cancer-related diseases, but could it also treat Alzheimer’s Disease? It’s already known that the progression of Alzheimer’s can be delayed by eliminating amyloid-β plaque, but the blood-brain barrier has always limited the ability of drugs to cross through and rid the brain of the plaque. New research shows that external-beam radiation can successfully reduce a majority of the plaques, improving the patient’s cognitive function.

Read the article.

Poll Results
Do You Think Obamacare Will Be Repealed in 2016?

In our December newsletters we asked you your opinion on whether the Affordable Care Act will be repealed in 2016. The majority of voters believed it would not get repealed, but about 33 percent said they think at least parts of it will be repealed this year.

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