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Guide to working locum tenens

Guide to working locum tenens
Are you wondering what locum tenens work is? Have you heard about it from other physicians or advanced practitioners but are wondering how it would work for you, and what you should expect? Or are you already working as a locum tenens provider and want some tips?

Our all-encompassing guide to locum tenens work is based on our company’s 23-year history of working with physicians and advanced practitioners across multiple specialties. This guide is designed to help you find all the answers to questions you are asking or should be asking.
Radiation Oncology Specialty Spotlight

Are some cancer patients being overtreated?

Cancer rates have been declining for years, but physicians are growing concerned patients are being overtreated for certain cancers. For example, studies have now shown that women with one of the most common breast cancers no longer need chemotherapy.

Featured Medical Mission

If you’ve been searching for a way to give back, consider medical missions work. We make it easy for you to find a trip that fits your needs through our MedicalMissions.org website. Registration is free for medical volunteers and for organizations who are recruiting healthcare personnel.

Check out this issue’s featured mission trip to Guatemala, sponsored by CERT International.
Medical Missions Featured
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Radiation Oncology Jobs

LocumTenens.com has over 190 Radiation Oncology opportunities open on our website now. Search jobs to find the right fit for you.

Predisan Health Ministries Surgical Brigades

LocumTenens.com partners each year with Predisan Health Ministries to bring medical staff and some of our own associates to Honduras for a medical mission trip. Read more about the impact these trips have on poor, rural communities and how you can get involved on future healthcare brigades.
Predisan Health Ministries Surgical Brigades
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