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Dermatology Opportunities (4) in Metro/Suburban Houston, Texas!!

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Dermatology Opportunities (4) in Metro/Suburban Houston, Texas!!

We have 4 office locations.

We would be willing to place a full or part time MD/DO at each office location.

We are primarily a medical/surgical dermatology group, we do some limited cosmetics (botox / filler / lasers) but cosmetic dermatology has never been a market segment that we have aggressively gone after. So the best fit will be a general dermatologist with primary interest in medical dermatology or medical/surgical dermatology.

Our primary physician is a Mohs Surgeon. At present he also sees some dermatology patients but he will transfer his panel of medical derm patients to any incoming dermatologist. If a candidate likes to do their own surgeries and excisions that is absolutely fine, and if they don’t much care for doing surgeries that is also fine he is happy to take care of anything they’d prefer not to do. We don’t have any requirement or expectation in that regard.

We are very flexible overall. Most derms generally work a full time schedule of 4 days, some want only three and others want 5 for the higher comp. We’re fine with whatever their preferred work schedule is. Even a very part time (1 or 2 days /wk) candidate could be helpful so we’ll consider full or part time.

In general in the first year we offer a salary commensurate with the # days per week they’ll have clinic along with production bonus at X threshold (changes a bit depending on the # days). After the first year it transitions to a % of collections comp model. We use total net collections, not RVUs. We’ve examined a lot of offers that are being made in the Houston area and ours are quite competitive (salary and bonuses on the high end). All the offers include generous leave time during the salary period (around 4/5 weeks), 100% practice paid medical vision and dental on our base plans for the physician’s personal coverage (we have multiple insurance carriers available concurrently and HSA option

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