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Mid Level Provider needed for Multi-Specialty Clinic

Job description

****** Ownership Opportunity******

****Four day work week!! Monday-Thursday****

Your primary responsibility will be to provide specialty medical care to patients in our facility. Duties will include but are not limited to: performing new patient consultations, physical exams, recording patient medical histories, performing re-exams, creating patient care plans and ordering/administering diagnostic tests. You will also be administering injections and treatments, overseeing IV Treatment, allergy testing & treatment, and observing the patient response to such treatments. Must be able to work in a fast paced environment!

Modalities in this role:

IM/Joint/Sub-Q Injections
Implanting Devices (Percutaneous on ear)
IV Infusions
Order tests (x-ray, allergy, swab wounds)
E/M (NP/Existing)
Oversee and delegate MA's/LPN
Treatment Plans (Plan of care and prescribing DME)
Physician Assistant OR Family Nurse Practitioner Responsibilities:

Provide exceptional care to patients.
Perform physical exams, ortho./neuro. testing and patient observations.
Record patient medical histories and symptoms.
Create patient care plans and contribute to existing plans.
Order, administer and analyze diagnostic tests.
Monitor and operate medical equipment, such as ultrasound.
Detect changes in a patient’s health and change treatment plans as necessary.
Administer injections and treatments.
Evaluate responses to treatment and medications.
Consult with healthcare professionals.
Train patients and families on managing illnesses or injuries and disease prevention.
Professional noting of visits is required.
Go over and have patient sign consents & post-procedure instructions.
Frequent documented meetings with your supervising physician.
Read and document x-ray findings.
Thorough notes, charges, documentation in EMR.

  • Ongoing
  • 4 day work week
  • Ownership Possibility

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