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Medical facilities

Post unlimited jobs, which will be seen by over 100,000 physicians and CRNAs. Enjoy direct access to highly qualified candidates who can fill your physician staffing needs.

Medical staffing agencies

Enjoy direct access to over 100,000 highly qualified candidates who can fill your physician staffing needs.


Health care facilities: Take your candidate search to the next level. Post your job and then email it directly to our candidate database.

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In addition to running a free self-service job board, LocumTenens.com is a full-service physician recruitment locum agency working in high-demand medical specialties. Our recruiters work on specialty teams and focus only on one specialty. This way, our physician recruiters learn the ins-and-outs and become recruiting specialists in each area.

Let us help you with your search. To learn more, call 800-930-0748.

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  •    Reach over 100,000 candidates
  •    Post unlimited job listings for FREE
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  •    Reach over 100,000 candidates
  •    Post unlimited job listings for FREE
  •    Utilize our bulk job upload tool

Physician job opportunities right at your fingertips

LocumTenens.com is a physician recruiting agency that helps physicians find the right physician job opportunities.
We also work with healthcare facilities and government agencies that need help with their physician staffing needs.

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LocumTenens.com rated among top 2 percent of staffing agencies by the clients and physicians it serves

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