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Advanced Practice Provider Staffing Strategies

Amid the fast-paced world of healthcare, Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) have been integral to modern healthcare, maintaining trusted patient care in facilities across the nation. Comprising of nurse practitioners, physician assistants, certified nurse midwives, certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNAs) and clinical nurse specialists, APPs provide an array of healthcare services by improving access to care and addressing the growing demand for healthcare services.

Seamlessly elevate your team by incorporating locum Advanced Practice Providers and enhancing your workforce. LocumTenens.com operates within an APP hybrid model to best address facility needs and works with the best-matched providers to provide reliable, efficient patient care that takes healthcare to the next level. Reach out to an LT representative to learn more about...


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Advanced Practice Staffing Guide

Advanced Practice Provider Staffing Guide

View our interactive guide to gain strategies and insights to help effectively recruit top talent.

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APP Staffing
APP Staffing
Whether you have onsite, telehealth, or a blended/hybrid model, we can support all your staffing needs. We have experienced, specialty-focused Advanced Practice recruiters who can find the best match for your needs.
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Clinical Staffing Consultation
We have a team of experienced clinical experts who can help you design and execute a custom staffing model.
Advanced Practitioner Supervising Physician / Collaborating Clinician
Supervising Physician / Collaborating Clinician
Are you in a state with restrictive Advanced Practice laws? We can provide supervising physicians / collaborating clinicians to provide seamless patient care.
Advanced Practitioner Billing Enrollment Support
APP Billing Enrollment Support
Maximize your billing reimbursement revenue by ensuring your providers are properly enrolled. We have a dedicated enrollment team for step-by-step support.

If you need help finding Advanced Practice Provider (APP) locums, whether permanent or locum-to-hire, LocumTenens.com can be a resource for you.


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