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Welcome to the Hospitalist Career and Resource Center! Here you can stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends in your industry, find links to organizations and associations, and more. Of course, you're only a few clicks away from finding the perfect hospitalist employment opportunity, too. Learn more about our hospitalist recruiting services.


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Hospitalist Salary and Employment Statistics

The 2014 Hospitalist Salary Survey annual report is now available! Results from the annual Hospitalist salary survey highlight annual average hospitalist salaries. Respondent demographics including region of practice, board certification, and time frame for making next job change are also covered in detail in the full salary survey report, which is available for download.

The hospitalist salary resource center provides more detailed salary information.

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Hospitalist Career Articles of Interest

5 Developing Technologies Poised To Make Their Way into Every Hospital by 2025
Source:  Forbes

By 2025, five specific technologies driven by connected devices, combined with big data and cloud computing, will make their way into virtually every U.S. hospital. As technology and physiology continue to converge with one another the following technologies are expected to emerge into the market: connected medical devices, quantified health metric systems, sharable health records on the go, docs on call and 3D bioprinting. These massive technological movements have the chance to transform both the doctor/patient relationship and the entire healthcare sector.

View the complete article here.

Iowa Hospital’s Movement to Value-Based Care Approach Serves as Blueprint for Small Hospitals Nationwide
Source: The Daily Reporter

Spencer Hospital has officially launched a hospitalist program aiming to provide more value-base care to all patients and alleviate the load on physicians who provide both in-patient and out-patient care. The program allows medical professionals the option to turn their patients over to the in-house hospitalist program if they see fit. Some medium to larger hospital systems already offer hospitalist care extensively, but many administrators in smaller hospitals find themselves in a similar situation as Spencer facing the challenges of a shifting healthcare environment. Spencer’s launching of a hospitalist program has the potential to influence other small hospitals as healthcare continues to change.

Read the complete article here.


How is the ICD-10 implementation going so far?

The deadline for the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 was October 1. So far, most physicians and practices seem to be adapting well, though there are some instances where things are not going as smoothly as hoped.

Is ICD-10 going smoothly for you and/or your facility?

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