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Connecting Kids with Care

Connecting Kids with Care™ is an innovative, not-for-profit initiative of Jackson Healthcare that LocumTenens.com enabled and continues to help staff. The team mobilizes core healthcare staffing relationships, technologies and expertise to link orphaned or abandoned children to life-altering care through remote care technology, specifically telemedicine.

Within its first year, Connecting Kids with Care exceeded its goals, working with more than 100 humanitarian organizations in 17 countries. It has matched individual children with volunteer medical providers from various specialties who have provided direct interventional care, assessment and care planning for the kids, their local medical staff and caregivers. Earlier this year the organization served its 1000thchild.

We connect a network of medical organizations and professionals who donate their time to help those in need. We support adoption agencies, foster homes, international hospitals, free health clinics, international missionaries and other mission-based organizations that have a need for additional medical care.

Services are 100 percent free for both medical volunteers and those receiving care. The platform utilizes existing technologies so there is no need for anyone to purchase additional equipment. The pairing of personal relationships with technology allows medical experts to donate their skills with optimal efficiency and opens up new opportunities for children and medical providers alike.

This program is so unique because it removes barriers for our locum tenens doctors so they can use their skills and expertise to treat underserved patients around the world. Some of the physicians with which we’ve worked have been so moved by their patients they’ve ultimately adopted them. Stories like that make us continue forward.

Since launching in pilot phase in July 2016, Connecting Kids with Care™ has facilitated care encounters including adoption medical assessment, urgent and episodic care, chronic disease care plans, chart reviews with physician collaboration, feeding and therapy plans, and clinical decision making. These diagnoses have a broad range of impacts for the children and their caregivers. Orphaned or abandoned children access better immediate care while prospective adoptive parents are better able to anticipate and plan lifetime care.

Connecting Kids with Care also provides opportunities for our associates to use their talents to make a global impact with their donation of time. Our associates have learned serving others isn’t limited to local volunteerism. Our recruiters connect physicians with areas and patients in need, furthering LocumTenens.com’s mission of impacting patient care through innovative staffing solutions.

We’ve found a way to mobilize our for-profit relationships and assets into a true not-for-profit initiative so viable it’s spun into a stand-alone venture. We fostered the start-up that we’re proud to have helped launch. It’s created a powerful bond with our physicians and has been immeasurably valuable for the children who have received care.

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