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Susanne Hodges Executive Bio

Susanne Hodges Bio

Susanne Hodges

Senior Vice President, Information Services

Susanne Hodges joined LocumTenens.com in 2017 as Vice President of Customer Experience & Innovation, where she focused on LocumTenens.com's clients and providers and working across the business to address their needs and improve their experiences. In 2018 she became Senior Vice President of Information Services, where she leads the transformation of LocumTenens.com's approach to technology, innovation, data/analytics and customer experience. Prior to joining LocumTenens.com, Susanne spent 15 years working across a variety of industries with a focus in customer experience, strategic planning and business transformation. Susanne received her undergraduate degree from Georgia Tech and her MBA from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Susanne resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband.