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About LocumTenens.com

NALTO® (The National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations)

LocumTenens.com is a proud member of NALTO® (The National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations). As a member of NALTO®, we must adhere to industry standards and practices as well as follow a strict code of ethical guidelines.

Standards of Practice

NALTO® was established in 2001 to create and enforce strong industry standards and practices for our profession, stressing honesty, objectivity, integrity, and competency. Its goal is to set clear and effective parameters of behavior for all individuals affected by the industry, including both providers and clients. All NALTO® company members and the clinicians they represent are held to the guidelines for professional conduct outlined below. You can also download the full Standards of Practice & Procedures in PDF form.

The guidelines of practice and procedure for locum tenens companies, clients and healthcare providers work to protect the best interests of all parties. Responsibilities of locum tenens companies include:

  • Maintain signed contracts and fee agreements with all clients before curriculum vitae (CV) can be submitted for consideration.
  • Request a provider’s permission before submitting their CV for consideration to a client.
  • Attempt to resolve any disputes between locum tenens companies with minimal involvement on the part of the candidate and the client.
  • Maintain regular contact with clients and honor all contractual agreements.
  • Represent all client opportunities accurately and completely.

Standards of practice for clients and clinicians ensure the best possible business relationship between clients, clinicians, and locum tenens companies. Clients and clinicians should:

  • Honor contractual agreements with locum tenens companies and reject other forms of communication from companies where no formal working arrangement exists.
  • Maintain thorough records of communication.
  • Keep the locum tenens company appraised of any changes in intention, search criteria, etc.
  • Respond promptly to communications from the locum tenens company.
  • Report any violation or infraction of the NALTO® standards of practice or code of ethics.

Code of Ethics

Being a member of NALTO® means we follow a written code of ethics that covers relationships between clients, clinicians and other locum tenens firms as defined below.

Relationships between locum tenens companies, clients, and healthcare providers are based heavily on negotiated contractual agreements and professional business practices. A NALTO® company member will reasonably fulfill all agreements made with both clients and clinicians and will also strive to preserve all confidences on information concerning business practices. Similarly, a NALTO® locum tenens company will strive to protect the integrity of their relationships with clinicians by completely disclosing information relevant to the provider, requesting permission before distributing a CV, and striving to maintain strong relationships with a large network of clients.

About NALTO® Ethics Committee

NALTO® has also established an ethics committee to review all complaints and violations in order to preserve our high standards. This committee, comprised of key representatives from long-standing NALTO® company members, is responsible for reviewing and acting upon any reported or suspected violations of the ethical code. NALTO® has established a thorough process of investigation and determination regarding all written complaints and inquiries. For complete details on grievance procedures, download the full Code of Ethics.