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What our clients are saying about LocumTenens.com

Locum Tenens Physician Testimonials

"I realize that it does take a great deal of effort to satisfy both sides of the equation. Hospital and anesthesia groups always want things done in a hurry and the anesthesiologist wants to get things confirmed. It is a great deal of work for all of you to coordinate all of the information."

"It is my pleasure to testify to the quality of the service I have experienced with LocumTenens.com. I have been doing locum assignments for the last few years. LocumTenens.com is the only company that I work with now for a number of reasons: Reliability, Honesty, my best interest is at their heart, Flexibility, and Cooperation. I worked repeatedly with two of your officers. I feel that they are working for me, as if they are my own staff that I hired. I am very happy working with my team who are part of LocumTenens.com. It has been a pleasure."

"LocumTenens.com Senior Vice President Pamela McKemie said. "However, many don't anticipate the business challenges of practicing medicine today, and they dislike that nonclinical concerns—like getting paid for services rendered or justifying treatment plans—take them away from their primary focus of caring for patients."

"Prior to signing up with LocumTenens.com, I spoke to several other agencies to determine which agency suited my needs best. After much research, I chose to work with LocumTenens.com as my recruiter was very honest, courteous, and up-front with me. Still now I receive phone calls from other agencies but I am happy and satisfied with your agency. Whenever I need anything, I trust that my recruiter at LocumTenens.com will work hard to make it happen."

"This has been my first time working in this type of setting. It has been an easy and pleasurable transition. My recruiter and primary contact at LocumTenens.com is the reason I continue to work with the company. The enthusiasm, professionalism and positive attitude that she and her staff exhibits has truly made this a good experience. She was always available to take my calls, efficient, reassuring, confident and enthusiastic in her assistance with obtaining positions. I have had consistent contact with her as to facility availabilities and needs. She has been responsive and always willing to take that extra step to help and assure for a smooth transition."

"The contract, flight, hotel, and rental car all went very smoothly. You make it so easy to do what I should be doing - practicing anesthesia - and not worrying about the logistics! Thanks again and I am excited to use your company again soon."

Facility Testimonials

"I have had an excellent experience working with LocumTenens.com. The physicians are easy to work with and well qualified and the recruitment staff has been wonderful! LocumTenens.com has provided multiple physicians for our Clinic since 2003. My Locumtenens.com recruiters provide excellent customer service and qualified surgeons whenever we have a need. They are always accessible and provide more service than any other company I have worked with. I look forward to working with LocumTenens.com again!"
"The recruitment and credentialing staff are wonderful. The recruiters work very diligently to find the appropriate candidates to provide anesthesia services at our facility and the credentialing staff takes over to assist their very best to expedite the process of obtaining privileges for each physician and CRNA. Clinically, we are very satisfied with the professionals provided by LocumTennes.com. They are flexible, competent and a pleasure to have working at our company. LocumTenens.com truly gets the job done."
"We have been using LocumTenens.com for several years for coverage of psychiatrists. LocumTenens.com has made my job a lot easier in trying to keep weekend coverage lined up, for I know I can count on my LocumTenens.com recruiter to contact me promptly when I need assistance."
"I have worked with LocumTenens.com since 2002. I utilized their services as a client, when I needed help covering my department when I was the Medical Director of an Imaging Department at a small to mid sized hospital. LocumTenens.com was very prompt in all correspondences. They worked very hard to find radiologists who met the needs of my department. The individuals I ended up using were everything I had hoped for – competent, courteous, dependable, and hard workers."