Medical Missions

Medical Missions is committed to supporting medical missions work and increasing healthcare access in underserved areas, sponsoring and recruiting healthcare providers for several medical brigades, and by operating the website, which helps connect trained medical volunteers with organizations sponsoring medical missions all over the world.

To date, individuals from more than 217 countries have visited the site, more than 12,000 medical professionals have registered for volunteer missions on and about 850 organizations have posted thousands of opportunities.

To honor some of these selfless clinicians, holds the Physician and Advanced Practitioner of the Year Awards, which since 2012 has provided deserving physicians and advanced practitioners with a donation to the charity of their choice. Two honorees are selected each year: one physician and one advanced practitioner.

Get to Know the 2018 Physician of the Year

Get to Know the 2018 Advanced Practitioner of the Year


Predisan Health Ministries is proud to partner with Predisan Health Ministries and their annual surgical brigades. Each year chooses associates to accompany medical providers and donated medical equipment to Honduras as part of Predisan’s medical mission to an underserved area in need. The most recent trip resulted in a record 56 procedures in only four days.

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