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3 Strategies to Avoid Physician and APP Staffing Shortages: Part I

By: Alan Ashby | Updated on February 02, 2022

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An interview with Alan Ashby

Vice President, Emergency Medicine & Primary Care

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Why does physician and advanced practice recruiting take so long, and what resources can help you do it better?

Anyone who has worked in healthcare recruiting knows hiring a physician is a complicated process. In part I of 3 Strategies to Avoid Staffing Shortages, LocumTenens.com Vice President of Primary Care Alan Ashby explores why exactly physician and advanced practice recruiting takes so long and offers resources your healthcare facility can utilize to ensure an effective staffing strategy. 

The physician and advanced practice professional (APP) hiring process has always been lengthy, but it’s taking even longer due to the pandemic. Most healthcare facilities recruiting a full-time physician spend anywhere from three to six months conducting phone interviews and onsite interviews while vetting candidates prior to starting the onboarding process. However, those that have been able to reevaluate their process are the ones that are getting the right candidates and getting them quickly.