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Increased Agility and Speed with Flexible Staffing

By: Locumtenens.com | Updated on June 16, 2022

Increased Agility and Speed with Flexible Staffing

Each week during the month of June, we will highlight a hospital that is taking a creative approach to addressing the challenges of physician staffing. While their situation may be unique, in most cases, these examples serve as a roadmap for how a hospital can deliver access and value to its patients and community.

Speed can be a key factor to deliver favorable outcomes for patients. Speed to first visit. Speed to diagnosis. Speed to treatment. Healthcare organizations are looking to increase velocity in order to better serve their communities.

For one organization that cares for its state’s veteran population, psychiatric services are an important part of the care it provides. As a result, it is necessary to move quickly and extend coverage to as many patients as possible.

The organization implemented a hybrid model for both its permanent and locum tenens clinicians. Clinicians are part of a Behavioral Health Interdisciplinary Program (BHIP) team which blends physicians, nurse practitioners, social workers and other professionals to deliver holistic care for the patient. Each team manages the health of approximately 1,000 patients, allowing providers to flex coverages while still providing continuity of care. At least two clinical team members from each team are onsite daily.

Continuity of care is important for the organization. Through a hybrid staffing model, they are able to meet their population’s needs, which means seeing more patients and getting to them quicker. As part of these efforts, they have also expended services to additional satellite locations.

Like many healthcare providers around the country, hiring and retaining physicians have been a challenge. As a result, they have allotted 3 FTE positions for locum tenens work. These providers serve in the same capacity as permanent staff and many of the providers have worked with the organization on long-term contracts.

Through the partnership with LocumTenens.com, the organization has:

  • Scheduled (and when necessary rescheduled) appointments faster
  • Provided care to more patients
  • Fully covered patients even when providers are unavailable
  • Extended coverage to more remote areas and satellite locations
  • Improved the clinician experience

The bottom line is that the hybrid model has allowed the organization to deliver care to more patients faster. Overall, the clinical experience has been improved for patients for both onsite and telehealth.

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