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LocumTenens.com and Inlightened Tackle Burnout Among Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers

By: Miechia A. Esco, M.D., PH.D., RPVI, FACS | Updated on January 31, 2024

LocumTenens.com and Inlightened Tackle Burnout Among Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers

In the face of widespread burnout, a sense of moral injury and provider shortages among physicians and advanced practice providers (APPs) in the U.S., LocumTenens.com has made a significant step forward in bringing Inlightened on as part of an overall suite of strategies to improve the quality of the clinician experience nationwide.

This acquisition isn't only about business growth. It's about actively addressing the physician burnout crisis in healthcare. To improve patient outcomes and maintain a reliable safety net of care providers, we must ensure the mental wellbeing of our clinicians.

Here are four ways this acquisition improves the work experience for healthcare providers:

1. Enhanced Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

Burnout among healthcare providers is often linked to inflexible work schedules and the intense demands of bureaucratic tasks and patient care. Inlightened's platform enables a wider array of flexible, gig-based, non-patient-facing work opportunities. This approach empowers physicians and APPs to tailor their careers to better fit their personal needs and professional aspirations, leading to improved work-life balance and reduced burnout

2. Diversifying Career Opportunities

The partnership enriches our ability to provide diverse career paths for physicians and APPs with varying career goals at different stages of their careers. By integrating Inlightened's network, we're now equipped to offer roles that go beyond traditional patient-facing positions. This variety can be a breath of fresh air for providers seeking a change from the clinical environment, allowing them to engage in consultancy, advisory roles, or other non-clinical capacities. Such opportunities can rejuvenate their passion for healthcare while mitigating the risks of burnout.

3. Fostering a Supportive and Collaborative Community

Burnout can also stem from a sense of isolation or lack of support within the healthcare sector. By combining the strengths of LocumTenens.com and Inlightened, we're building a more connected and collaborative community of healthcare professionals. This community not only offers job opportunities but also provides a platform for sharing experiences, insights, and innovative practices. Such collaboration can lead to a more supportive work environment, helping to alleviate feelings of isolation and burnout.

4. Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Inlightened's dedication to diversity and inclusion is a cornerstone of its mission. The organization’s team believes that innovation in healthcare is predicated on diversity, and equitable solutions are not created in silos. By bringing a wide range of perspectives and experiences to the table, Inlightened enriches the healthcare environment, removing barriers to knowledgeable insiders and fostering a culture of resilience. This not only enhances the quality of care but also creates a more supportive and understanding workplace for all healthcare professionals.

“This is more than an expansion. It is a transformation that will enable us to generate deeper insights, foster greater collaboration, and accelerate the pace of innovation in healthcare.” – Shelli Pavone, President of Inlightened

Adding Inlightened's team and talents to a broader approach to improving the healthcare experience is more than a business development; it's a strategic response to the urgent need to address burnout among healthcare providers. By offering greater flexibility, diverse career paths, and a supportive professional community, we're committed to improving the wellbeing of our physicians and APPs, which is fundamental to the health of our nation's healthcare system.

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About the author

Miechia A. Esco

Dr. Miechia Esco is a vascular surgeon focused on full-time locum tenens work and licensed in 15 states. For the past several years she has served as a consultative member on the LocumTenens.com Customer Advisory Board and now serves as the company’s Chief Medical Resource Advisor.