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Navigating Oncologist Burnout: Solutions Through Locums Staffing and APP Support

By: David Laware | Updated on May 16, 2024

Navigating Oncologist Burnout: Solutions Through Locums Staffing and APP Support

Oncology is one of the many healthcare specialties facing the ongoing, harsh realities of healthcare provider shortages. Many facilities are operating with fewer providers, causing a strain on existing staff. According to Becker’s Hospital Review, nearly 20% of Oncologists are considering leaving medicine due to the severity of working conditions and burnout. As the leading job board for the locum tenens industry, LocumTenens.com is fully equipped with skilled providers that combat issues revolving burnout and staff morale.

According to the 2024 "Oncologist Burnout & Depression Report", the top contributing factors fueling their burnout were their long hours, insufficient compensation and a large number of bureaucratic tasks. To combat this, many Oncologists reported that adding support staff and enforcing flexible work schedules would help a large majority of their burnout. Locum staffing not only addresses these concerns but assists the daily operations of both physicians and facilities. When concerning support staff, LocumTenens.com works with trusted Advanced Practice Providers (APPs), which are foundational assets to both care delivery and administrative operations. Implementing APP support within physician workforces has proven to be a reliable retention tactic. From diagnosis and treatment to consults and paperwork, APPs are more than short-term staffing fixes, but long-term solutions.

Regarding flexibility, hiring locums means more control around staffing and scheduling. With a reported 36% of Oncologists feeling burnout for more than two years, alleviating scheduling pressures is vital to not only the well-being of physicians but also the sufficient facility operations. By taking on a load of patient care and administrative tasks, locum providers can alleviate scheduling pressures from both facilities and existing staff.

Oncologists are looking for a change in their work environment. Partnering with LocumTenens.com and implementing APPs contributes to patient care coverage and creates an enjoyable, supportive atmosphere for physicians to maximize time providing direct patient care. To learn more about what a partnership could mean for your facility, contact one of our account specialists today.

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David started his career at LocumTenens.com in the Radiology division as a producer in 2009. After a successful career in sales, he worked his way up through various management positions and was named associate vice president of Radiology and Oncology in 2020 and vice president of Oncology in 2021. David graduated from the University of Tennessee, and in his free time he enjoys playing soccer and spending time with his wife and two children.