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Pride Month at LocumTenens.com: Embracing Diversity and Celebrating Inclusion

By: LocumTenens.com | Updated on June 13, 2023

Pride Month at LocumTenens.com: Embracing Diversity and Celebrating Inclusion

At LocumTenens.com, we are constantly amazed by the wisdom, openness, and passion of our associates. Their unwavering commitment to improving the healthcare staffing experience and beyond serves as an inspiration to us all, not just during Pride Month, but every single day of the year.

Inclusivity and Leadership at LocumTenens.com

We recently had the privilege of sitting down with Keith Newport, our esteemed Senior Vice President of People Operations, covering HR, Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development, and Associate Engagement. With an impressive 20-year tenure at LocumTenens.com, Keith's journey has been one of remarkable growth and accomplishment. From managing the Account Representative team to assuming leadership roles in operations, management, training, and development, Keith's diverse experience has paved the way for his current role. In addition, Keith is a founding member of our Inclusion Advisory Council (IAC) and actively contributes to our Charitable Giving Committee. His outstanding contributions have earned him the Manager of the Year accolade three times (in 2009, 2013, and 2021). 

Keith Newport

Last year, Keith was the recipient of the 2022 Georgia LGBTQ+ Leadership Award given by the Georgia Diversity Council. 

The Jackson Healthcare PRIDE Network

At LocumTenens.com, we understand the significance of creating an environment where every associate feels comfortable bringing their full, genuine, and authentic selves to work each day. That's why we're proud to have the PRIDE Network (PRIDE) for associates.

Keith recently shared his valuable insights on the importance of the Jackson Healthcare PRIDE Network.

“Having the PRIDE Network Associate Network Group (ANG) at work is crucial to me because it creates a sense of belonging and support for LGBTQ+ individuals within our company. It serves as a safe space where we can openly express ourselves, share experiences, and build a community within. The Pride Network ANG fosters inclusivity, educates colleagues, and advocates for LGBTQ+ rights, ultimately contributing to a more diverse and empowering work environment.”

With a mission to foster inclusivity, PRIDE provides development opportunities, leadership programs, volunteering initiatives, and networking events to its LGBTQ+ and ally members. It's important to note that PRIDE is open to all associates, regardless of their LGBTQ+ status. We believe that by cultivating a workplace that reflects and responds to all the communities we serve, we can create an inclusive and empowering work environment.

Throughout the year, the PRIDE Network remains active, providing educational opportunities as well as sharing a calendar of events, informative LGBTQ+ history posts, updates on current events, and highlights of our incredible members. This year’s events include:

  • Charity drive benefiting Lost-n-Found Youth: Giving back to the community is an essential part of our values. We are delighted to announce a charity drive benefiting this organization dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ homeless youth.
  • Guest Speaker Dr. Todd Jenkins will join us to share his expertise and insights on the crucial topics of inclusion and belonging in the workplace, an event sponsored by our IAC (Inclusion Advisory Council).
  • PRIDE Networking Happy Hour: We raise a glass to diversity and inclusivity! Where our colleagues can come together, network, and celebrate the strength of our LGBTQ+ community and allies.
  • Pride Night at the Atlanta Braves: We are thrilled to be part of Pride Night at the Atlanta Braves, an incredible event that combines the spirit of sports with the celebration of diversity.

Inclusivity Recognition

2023 Workplace Equality Badge

Keith also shares that LocumTenens.com is recognized as a "Q+ Workplace" by the Q+ Equality Foundation

“This acknowledgment underscores our commitment to fostering an environment that embraces diversity, equality, and inclusivity for all our employees.”

Recognitions such as these exemplify the tangible outcomes that emerge from a culture of inclusivity, diversity, and equality in the workplace.

LocumTenens.com Associates at the Atlanta Pride Run

LocumTenens.com Associates at the Atlanta Pride Run image

Recently, a group of LocumTenens.com associates participated in the 2023 Atlanta Pride Run. This event offers a safe space for all individuals to explore the world and embrace their true selves. Whether you're a seasoned runner, an enthusiastic walker, or simply a supportive participant, the Atlanta Pride Run guarantees an environment of acceptance, safety, and respect.

Since its inception in 1991, the Atlanta Pride Run has been a powerful platform for supporting local LGBTQIA+ organizations. Through the collective efforts of sponsorships and participant donations, they have been able to provide funding, resources, and increased awareness to these essential organizations. Participation in Atlanta Pride Run means contributing to local HIV charities to improve health outcomes and reduce HIV transmission among marginalized communities.

Charities supported by the Pride Run participation include Bridge of Light, an organization dedicated to restoring dignity and hope to individuals experiencing homelessness or transitioning from it; AID Atlanta, working tirelessly to reduce new HIV infections and improve the quality of life for our community; and Lost-n-Found Youth, a remarkable Atlanta-based nonprofit committed to ending homelessness among LGBTQ+ and sexual minority youth.

Beyond Pride Month

We are committed to maintaining a workplace where individuals can authentically express their identities and thrive. It is truly powerful to witness the acceptance and support that permeates the LocumTenens.com family, allowing each person to embrace their true selves and contribute meaningfully to our collective mission to improve healthcare by providing patients with access to quality medical care through innovative staffing solutions.

The evidence lies in the charitable giving, engaging programs, enriching events, educational workshops, and collaborative team activities spearheaded by our dedicated associates. Together, we are making a lasting difference and shaping a future where inclusivity, acceptance, and empowerment are fundamental pillars of our shared success.