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Recruiting Physicians: Breaking Through and Providing Value

By: LocumTenens.com | Updated on February 28, 2024

Recruiting Physicians: Breaking Through and Providing Value

The healthcare industry is at a crucial juncture. The population is aging, putting more strain on the existing infrastructure. That means a push to increase access to care. At the heart of this push—the need for more physicians and APPs.

None of this is a surprise. We’ve long talked about the projected physician shortage in this country. With a potential shortage of 124,000 physicians, the need for a dynamic recruitment program is at the forefront of healthcare strategy.

This topic will be front and center at the AAPPR Annual Conference. LocumTenens.com will be onsite talking about the need to integrate data into workforce management and the role contract staffing plays in our efforts to improve access to care.

When we look at healthcare recruiting, there are common themes that appear, allowing recruiters to break through the clutter and deliver results.

Flexible Offerings

Unheard of a decade ago, healthcare workers are looking for flexibility and work-life balance. This can take the form of telehealth and hybrid work, part-time options, and more control over scheduling. When we look at the data, other than compensation, flexible hours and the ability to work part time was the top factor in physician retention. That plays directly into an organization’s ability to recruit.

Retention Factors for Physicians

If physicians are looking for flexibility, locums is often an option, meaning LocumTenens.com has access to a broader pool of clinicians to fill your needs.

Recruiters Fill a Valuable Role

Physician recruiters play an important role in the sustainability of every hospital or medical practice. When analyzing LocumTenens.com survey data, we found that most physician respondents prefer to use a recruiter when looking for work.

Practitioners who are currently working locum tenens are even more likely to use a recruiter. Only 16% of those working as locum tenens or contractors prefer to network through their own contacts, and only 14% prefer to apply through an online job board.

This demonstrates the value recruiters play in the process to both permanent and contract clinicians. It is vital that recruiters understand their role and utilize their contacts and experience to put clinicians in a position to be successful.

Social Media is an Underutilized Resource

Recruiters have a valuable tool at their fingertips—social media. Online resources can expand networks and geographical reach. Each social post has the potential to amplify the recruiter’s message and reach new audiences.

It also creates a trackable tool, allowing for A/B testing, performance tracking and results tracking. Too often recruiters aren’t taking advantage of social media in their work. As an industry, there are numerous growth opportunities to learn and expand in recruiting through social media. LocumTenens.com SVP Keith Newport will lead a session at the AAPPR Annual Conference on this topic titled: “Rx for Social Media Success: A Prescription for Healthcare Recruiters.” You won’t want to miss it.

The value of clinician recruiters cannot be overstated in the healthcare landscape. With numerous staffing challenges, recruiters have the power to break through the clutter and create a tangible impact on the operational efficiency and sustainability for medical practices and hospitals. By supplementing with locums, recruiters can ensure access and deliver value for patients.