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Redefining Patient Care through Collaborative Clinician Models

By: LocumTenens.com | Updated on March 05, 2024

Redefining Patient Care through Collaborative Clinician Models

Innovation is critical to improving patient care. By harnessing technology, LT Telehealth created a tailored solution through a hybrid telehealth program that serves the needs of a large hospital for all its behavioral health patients. Our knowledgeable experts built a collaborative model that enabled the system to incorporate additional specialized providers while supplying a training ground for new advanced practice providers in the specialty.

Telepsychiatry had already been successfully implemented within the facility, with Psychiatrists conducting virtual visits and providing much-needed patient care. However, the hospital system wanted to introduce a 24/7 model to the behavioral health arm and utilize advanced practice providers to accomplish the goal. Nurse practitioners would be onsite and supply additional support to the hospitalists and bedside nurses.

"In addition to our current panel of virtual psychiatrists, LT telehealth was asked to provide a collaborating physician for the advanced practice provider team,” said program Vice President Pamela Ograbisz, DNP, FNP-BC. “This dedicated physician, who lived in the area and could come onsite, was swiftly implemented into the program. With their collaborating physician available virtually or onsite when needed, the NPs completed rounds with the virtualists during the day and remained on call and present in the hospital to continue the care plan throughout the evening.”

This hybrid program has garnered positive reviews from existing staff and providers, including the security team. Before its inception, many behavioral health emergencies also involved nursing having to engage security for their safety and that of the patient. Since its deployment, patients have received consults quickly, and onsite response by trained providers enhances care delivery. This comprehensive service has significantly increased access to behavioral health consults and improved patient outcomes by ensuring everyone is seen within 24 hours of admission. Collaborative models that utilize creative methods to ensure proper care delivery are the key to patient and staff satisfaction.

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