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The Proof is in the Partnerships: How to Win Best of Staffing 11 Years in a Row

By: Keith Newport, Senior Vice President, People Operations | Updated on February 06, 2024

The Proof is in the Partnerships: How to Win Best of Staffing 11 Years in a Row

I might be the tiniest bit biased when I say I wasn’t surprised when LocumTenens.com earned a spot on ClearlyRated’s coveted 2024 Best of Staffing list for both Talent and Client for the 11th consecutive year. Thrilled and proud, yes, but not necessarily surprised. Then again, I get to work alongside the people who make this happen every day, and I’ve seen the proof first-hand that our people truly are the secret sauce to our customer experience and satisfaction.

Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction 2024
Best of Staffing Talent Satisfaction 2024

The growth LocumTenens.com has seen in the 20+ years I have been with the company is pretty astounding. Our small team has grown to almost 800 associates, but one thing has remained constant: Our people put others first. It’s not only one of our corporate core values, but something that seems inherent in the people we hire. As the SVP of People Operations, I’m often asked what sets our associates apart from our competitors in providing exceptional service to our clients and clinicians.

Here are five reasons why I believe it’s our associates and the relationships they build that continuously earn LocumTenens.com a spot on the Best of Staffing list:

1. Going Beyond the Resume

Our Talent Acquisition team takes a personalized approach to sourcing candidates. They know that it's not just about filling positions; it's about finding the right people who can forge meaningful connections. We ensure that our candidates have the desire to make every experience with our customers the best it can be, no matter what their role will be at LT. Our candidates understand “WOW moments” and what it takes to meet the unique needs of both our clients and clinicians. Our personalized attentiveness to our customers is what builds trust, respect, and a lasting working relationship.

2. Clinicians = Super Heroes

Clinicians are so desperately needed across the country as physician shortages continue to rise. Our recruiters connect well with clinicians by working in just one major medical specialty to become experts in understanding their needs. We are committed to empowering our clinicians with the necessary tools for great assignments, including a digital hub for managing licenses, credentialing, assignment details, timesheets and more. Our commitment to comprehensive, first-day reporting instructions, rapid credentialing, and hands-on customer care—providing travel and lodging arrangements and a concierge-style approach—makes our clinicians know they’ve got someone in their corner working around the clock to make sure everything goes just right.

3. Workforce Optimization

Despite our clinicians covering one million shifts this past year, we don’t measure success by filling positions; it's about providing client-centric solutions that address the unique challenges of the healthcare industry. Our teams work closely with healthcare clients to understand their specific staffing needs beyond the surface level. Our strategic account partners know their healthcare clients’ businesses inside and out, and offer flexible, customized solutions, whether it’s using telehealth or leveraging advanced practitioners, or taking advantage of our workforce technology to stay ahead of staffing shortages, our associates are ready to meet their evolving needs.

4. Transparency

Effective and honest communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. We pride ourselves on transparent interactions with both our clients and clinicians. From providing clear expectations to keeping all parties informed throughout the placement process, we ensure that everyone involved is on the same page. This transparency builds trust and contributes to the positive experiences that have led to our Best of Staffing recognition.

5. A Culture of Continuous Improvement

We don't rest on our laurels; instead, we actively seek feedback from our clients and talent to identify areas for enhancement. We LOVE feedback. Any chance we get, whether before, after, or during assignments, we ask for feedback to ensure we are doing everything we can to exceed expectations. This commitment to ongoing improvement ensures that we stay ahead of industry trends and consistently surprise and delight.

We would love for you to see for yourself why we received satisfaction scores of 9 or 10 out of 10 from 81.5% of our placed clinicians, and 9 or 10 out of 10 from 76.3% of our healthcare clients (significantly higher than the industry’s average of 50%).

If you're a clinician seeking exciting opportunities or a healthcare facility looking for full-service recruitment and workforce optimization, we invite you to partner with us.

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About the author

Keith Newport

Senior Vice President, People Operations

Keith has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare staffing industry. He began his career with LocumTenens.com in 2003 as an Account Executive. He took over management of the Account Representative team in 2006 and quickly moved up the management ranks, becoming Vice President in 2010 and partner in 2011. In 2014, Keith returned to the production side of the business as Vice President of Surgery and then Vice President of Primary Care. His unique combination of experience in all aspects of the business - production, operations, management, training and development led him to become Senior Vice President of People Operations in 2022. His responsibilities include overseeing Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, and Learning & Development, as well as overseeing strategic business initiatives and driving associate engagement, all while focusing on interdepartmental collaboration. Keith has also been named LocumTenens.com's manager of the year three times in 2009, 2013 and 2021.