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Video: Clinicians Tried Locum Tenens, and Here’s What They Learned

By: LocumTenens.com | Updated on February 09, 2023

Video: Clinicians Tried Locum Tenens, and Here’s What They Learned

As more physicians and advanced practice professionals try locum tenens, they are seeing significant benefits to their career and personal lives.

More clinicians are looking beyond traditional patient care roles to build a career and find fulfillment. The recently released report, The Future of Work: Redefining the Role of Physicians in the Gig Economy, dives into the opportunities and pitfalls for both physicians and healthcare administrators. One of the greatest opportunities remains locum tenens.

When we talk with locum tenens clinicians, they often speak highly of their experience and can’t imagine going back to their previous roles.

“You get to practice medicine in a very pure way,” said Miechia Esco, M.D., vascular surgeon. “You get to take care of people where they are. You’re not dealing with the inner workings of the hospital that may detract from patient care.”

“I basically fell in love with the ability to have freedom and control over where I worked and who I worked with,” said Kelly Bowman, nurse practitioner.

Those are only two examples of clinicians who have built the career and lifestyle they want by working locums. Regardless of role, there are opportunities to work on your terms in locums tenens. Here are four of the biggest benefits LocumTenens.com clinicians report.

Flexible Schedule

With a growing demand for medical services in the U.S., both M.D.s and APPs are in demand. By marrying need and opportunity, clinicians of all experience levels can find an assignment that is right for them. Flexibility has emerged as a key benefit for clinicians working locum tenens. Clinicians have the ability to control their schedule. That level of freedom was previously unheard of for healthcare providers.

Work-Life Balance

In today’s healthcare environment, clinicians report increasing levels of burnout. That has resulted in many healthcare organizations investing in provider wellness programs, but many clinicians are taking control of their lives by working locum tenens. Locums gives clinicians the ability to work on their own terms, creating work-life balance. For some that means travel. For others that means working from home via telehealth. Locums provides opportunity to fit work within your life goals.


Locum tenens provides clinicians with an opportunity to grow their career and gain new experience. Following medical school, clinicians can test drive different positions and gain a better understanding of where and how they would like to practice. Mid-career clinicians can learn new skills or contemplate a career change while keeping skills sharp and maintaining licensure. Overall, locum tenens allows clinicians to gain more clinical experience without worrying about the business aspects and extra paperwork involved in a healthcare practice.

Helping Patients

Locum tenens clinicians have an opportunity to make a difference in the community and world around them. There is something to be said about doing meaningful work. By bringing healthcare to more places, locum tenens clinicians are filling a vital need in our country. It’s something clinicians can feel good about as they are positively impacting patients and entire communities.

Locum tenens can serve as a great career move for clinicians looking for greater flexibility or to make more money. Each situation is unique. Contact our team to learn more and see if locums work is right for you.

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