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Continuing Medical Education for Emergency Medicine Physicians

Within the United States, CMEs for physicians are regulated by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and the American Osteopathic Association (AOA). The Physician CME Requirements vary by state; please see below for a list of requirements.

State Requirements for CMEs

We make every effort to help our emergency medicine physicians be requirement-ready when taking on a new assignment. Please see the list below of CMEs available online. Some links may require free registration before viewing. 


Online & Free CMEs

Date CME name
Credit hours Format
5/3/2019 - 5/3/2020 What Explains the Surge in Pertussis in the United States? 0.25 Online
5/3/2019 - 5/3/2020 Cannabis Use and Psychosis? It’s Not All Good News 0.25 Online
5/3/2019 - 5/3/2020 Are There Benefits in Reducing Cesarean Delivery Rates? 0.25 Online
5/23/2019 - 5/23/2020 The Resurgence of Measles, Public Health on Alert 0.25 Online
6/14/2019 - 6/14/2020 Preventing and Treating Cancer-Associated VTE: Pearls for Practice 0.5 Podcast
6/18/2019 - 6/18/2020 Best Practices in Crotaline Snakebite Management: Improving Evidence-Based Care 0.5 Online
6/21/2019 - 6/21/2020 Minimizing the Impact of imAEs and Maximizing Efficacy of ICIs: AEs Affecting the Skin 1.25 Online
6/26/2019 - 6/26/2020 Considerations for the Use of OTC NSAIDs for Common Pain Conditions 0.75 Online
6/28/2019 - 6/28/2020 Slurred Speech, Confusion, and Forgetfulness: Case Challenges in Advanced Liver Disease 1.0 Online
7/3/2019 - 7/3/2020 Do Effects of tPA Last Longer Than Indicated? 0.25 Online Best of Staffing Client Logo Best of Staffing Talent Logo Fortune Best Workplace Logo NALTO Logo Beyond Profit Logo