Experience is everything

To a clinician or healthcare executive researching locum tenens agencies, we all look the same. We say the same thing, we have similar processes, and according to our customer surveys, we even charge about the same amount for our services. To complicate matters, our name is the name of industry. With a name like LocumTenens.com, differentiating is a challenge.

Challenge accepted.

Many companies fall into the trap of trying to be who the market wants them to be. if there's one thing we've learned over the last 25 years in business, it's that you need to know who you are and what you have to offer - and then, you need to live by it. LocumTenens.com is not a commodity amongst a sea of near-identical commodities. And it's time we told our story.

Last year, like those before it, was a good year for us. We outperformed the industry and added new service lines to cover even more medical specialities. We hired new associates while boasting one of the highest retention rates in the staffing industry. And, most impressively, we grew our customer base without deflating our uncommonly high customer satisfaction scores. Despite all our success, we knew we needed to be intentional about showcasing our brand and setting ourselves apart. Our executive leadership, sales, recruiting, marketing and operations teams are aligned under one principle: at LocumTenens.com, we work hard and take care of people.

We know better service.

Why do we do what we do? It's simple. There is a critical shortage of talented physicians and advanced practitioners to care for our communities. The need has never been greater to connect great clinicians and great healthcare facilities. This is where we come in. We understand that our customers are looking to interact with people who are driven, inspired, committed and truly have the expertise to help guide them through their locums journey.

  • I enjoy working with the very professional, respectful, responsive and dependable staff. Whenever travel, logistics or scheduling is needed, I know LocumTenens.com will take care of things.

-Emergency Medicine Physician

  • "LocumTenens.com associates are constantly consistent regarding customer service. I've become attached to each of them because they make me feel special."

-CEO, Regional Hospital

  • Credentialing, state licensure, travel and housing arrangements, successful placement, follow-through and patience are all accomplished exceptionally.


  • I enjoy working with the very professional, respectful, responsive and dependable staff. Whenever travel, logistics or scheduling is needed, I know LocumTenens.com will take care of things."

-Emergency Medicine Physician

  • Everyone at LocumTenens.com is very skilled and good at what they do, especially my recruiter. [She] is one of my favorite people, I can't say enough good things about her.


  • I decided to work with LocumTenens.com because of the excellent service and people. My recruiter is the best person with very prompt attention to all inquiries and needs of the doctors, I wish there were more people like her.

-Chief of Surgery

We know better connections.

We know that we need to provide an engaging experience that earns the trust and loyalty of both our associates and customers. Experience matters, and every direct and indirect interaction forms the perception people have forged of LocumTenens.com

  • [My recruiter] has the best access to Florida locum assignments; most companies don't even know about the jobs he offers me. He customizes my assignments to my preferences and no other company does that.


  • We would have never survived the last few years in the emergency department without your hard work.

-Associate Chief Primary & Specialty Medicine Service Line, VA Facility

  • My recruiter is what I like about working with LocumTenens.com. He's great, really gets to know the doctors and places them in facilities that are a good fit, easy to work with, always available, and he's honest about the hospitals/rates.


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  • Both my recruiter and LT have been a perfect fit for me, finding assignments for me that fit my skill set and experience.


  • LocumTenens.com consistently meets each challenge with the same intensity as I have; we make a perfect match. After years of forming relationships, I know I can count on my team at LocumTenens.com to create a perfect team of healthcare professionals.

-Medical Specialist

We know better experience.

Our goal is simple: Locum tenens without the hassle. This is our time to stand out and highlight what makes us unique, and quite frankly, better than the rest. We've spent many years building meaningful relationships with our customers (both the client facilities and clinicians) and have taken their feedback to heart, polishing our processes, improving and expanding our services, and becoming a powerhouse support system for everyone we connect with. Whether you are a customer working with us, or an associate in the building, you know better connections. You know better service. You know better care.

  • LocumTenens.com helped me every step of the way, I couldn't do it without them. LocumTenens.com is a big company but it still feels personable. Every assignment has been great.

- Orthopedic Surgeon

  • All of my experiences working with LocumTenens.com have been outstanding! The staff is phenomenal, I know I can count on LocumTenens.com.

- Manager of Radiology, Medical Facility 

  • After working with LocumTenens.com for a month or two, I didn't even bother to complete applications with any other agency. My recruiters are two of the kindest people I've had the pleasure of working with, they know their business and provide a rewarding experience for their clientele.

- Thoracic Surgeon

  • They made this a great experience for me and for that I will always be grateful. I can't imagine doing anything else.


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