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Case Study: Generating Revenue with Gastroenterology Locums

How Locum Tenens Gastroenterologists Increased Revenue for Ambulatory Surgery Center

In an era marked by dynamic shifts in healthcare staffing, the strategic deployment of locum tenens physicians stands out as a vital solution for addressing staffing shortages. This case study explores how a prominent surgery center successfully navigated a critical shortage of gastroenterology care providers with locum tenens clinicians.

By leveraging the expertise of locum tenens professionals, the center not only mitigated a sizeable backlog of procedures but also realized substantial revenue gains and enhanced patient satisfaction. This study underscores the transformative impact of locum tenens staffing on healthcare delivery and financial performance, providing valuable insights for executive decision-makers.

Gastro Case Study External Surgery Center


A large ambulatory surgery center in North Carolina faced a growing backlog of procedures due to a shortage of permanent staff. A permanent gastroenterologist role went unfilled due to an ongoing nationwide scarcity of physicians trained in this specialty, jeopardizing the ability to perform essential procedures. This challenge was exacerbated by a perception of locum tenens physicians as a costly, non-revenue-generating solution.


The facility partnered with LocumTenens.com in October 2022. By 2023, the demand escalated, necessitating the deployment of three locum tenens professionals concurrently. The need for additional help grew, and ultimately nine gastroenterologists were deployed to fulfill the scheduling needs. This temporary team of skilled specialists enabled the facility to successfully work through its backlog by the year's end, at which point staffing requirements were adjusted to one full-time (FT) locum tenens provider.

To further enhance procedural efficiency and patient care, the facility adopted LocumTenens.com’s strategy of incorporating Gastroenterology Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) into their workflow. This enables the facility to have Gastroenterology Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants to assist with pre-operative and post-operative procedures and to help with scheduling procedures so that the Gastroenterologists can focus on the scope procedures.


$330,000 +
in billable revenue

  • Increased Revenue

    One of the locum tenens providers, a highly efficient physician, saw an average of 7-10 patients per day. In 2023 alone, his colonoscopy procedures generated $328,000-$411,000 in billable revenue after just 122 days of coverage, with an average of $1,133 per patient. This highlights the cost-effectiveness of locum tenens physicians, as a portion of the revenue generated directly contributes to the facility’s profit margin.

  • Improved Patient Satisfaction

    Addressing the backlog of procedures with locum tenens physicians allowed the facility to maintain their patient schedule and improve patient satisfaction by reducing wait times.

  • Retained Procedures

    Having consistent access to gastroenterology care providers ensured that the facility could perform procedures in-house, preventing patients from seeking care elsewhere and potentially generating additional revenue from ancillary services.

Key Takeaways

This story exemplifies how locum tenens physicians are deployed as a cost-effective solution for addressing staffing shortages. By providing qualified and efficient physicians, locum tenens staffing can not only improve patient flow and satisfaction but also generate significant revenue for healthcare facilities. Collaborative scheduling further highlights the potential for a successful partnership that benefits patients and retains service lines.

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