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Medical Malpractice

LocumTenens Medical Group, LLC provides Professional Liability Insurance for any assignments placed with LocumTenens.com using limits in the amount of $1m/3m. The insurance is claims made and is underwritten by MedPro Insurance Company (National Fire & Marine Insurance Company).  MedPro is rated the highest at “A++”.

Our policy with MedPro contains a unique retroactive date provision which allows claims to be made not only during the assignment period worked but even after the assignment has ended.  For example, a claim can be made 3-4 years or more after the assignment and it would be insured.  In fact, most claims experienced and insured through LocumTenens Medical are made well after the assignment period has ended. Under these circumstances, the “tail” exposure for assignments is insured via LocumTenens Medical Group, LLC using its policy with MedPro.

LocumTenens.com wants physicians, advanced practitioners, psychologists, and social workers to be entirely comfortable with the insurance it provides.  Therefore, please feel free to let your recruiter know of any questions. Should you ever have an adverse event or otherwise receive notice of an incident or claim, LocumTenens.com employs a Chief Risk Officer with over 25 years’ experience. He will make a claim for you along with retention of defense counsel to protect your interests. He will remain involved until closure of the claim is obtained.