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Practical Tips for Managing Expenses

Practical tips for managing your finances

Tips for Filing Taxes

Here are some quick tips and ideas to consider as self-employed independent contractors. Read more.

Getting Started as a 1099 Physician, Advanced Practitioner, Psychologist, or Social Worker

Whether you're new to self-employment or a seasoned veteran, take a look at our beginner and advanced tips for the 1099 physician, advanced practice, psychologist, or social worker provider. We've covered everything from taxes to incorporation, money management to retirement planning. Also, throughout this article, we've provided links to a bunch of tools and resources that will help you manage your business as a self-employed healthcare provider. Read more.

Whether by shoebox, spreadsheet or smart phone app - Get yourself organized!

As a self-employed physician, advanced practice, psychologist, or social worker, you'll need to have systems to keep track of your budgets, your expenses and your receipts. It really doesn't matter what system you use as long as you can keep things organized, and you don't create a lot of work for yourself at year end. Read more.

Additional Financial Resources

These third-party advisors offer services ranging from tax strategy and malpractice insurance advice to real estate and retirement planning.

View Resources.