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Radiology Salary

How much do Radiologists make?

What is the salary for a radiologist?

LocumTenens.com conducted its Annual Salary and Employment Survey from August to October 2023. Survey respondents represent radiologists who practice on a locum tenens basis as well as those with permanent salaries. Compensation results consist of only full-time, permanent employees and consider only annual salary and bonuses.

Average radiologist salary in 2023


Historical salary data

How does this year's salary for radiologists compare to other years?

The average radiologist's salary grew by 21% in 2023 over the previous year. Recent years have seen the average radiologist’s salary rise as high as $454,000 and fall as low as $368,163. As with a number of medical fields, radiology saw a decline in salary and workload during the pandemic. Telehealth continues to have a strained uptake in radiology, as specialized equipment necessitates in-person meetings. According to a survey published in 2023, diagnostic medicine is the field with the lowest rate of job satisfaction, at 57%.

2021 data not available.

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Survey results

Demographic insights by gender

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Where did radiologists work in 2023?

In 2023 most radiologists worked in hospitals and independent medical group practices.

LocumTenens Salary Survey - Hospital Employed - Radiology

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LocumTenens Salary Survey - Independent group practice - Radiology

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Radiologists who took this survey

The ages of U.S.-based radiologists in 2023 were fairly evenly distributed between Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers. Radiology as a practice shows considerable affinity for contract and locum tenens work, which half of its physicians participate in (whether exclusively or in addition to their permanent roles). Additionally, 51% have been in the practice for 21 years or more.

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How old are emergency medicine physicians?


This report was compiled using data from an original survey conducted by LocumTenens.com from August to October 2023. Medical practitioners from the LocumTenens.com database were invited to participate in this survey. Some recipients had been placed by LocumTenens.com, and some had not. As incentive for completing the survey, respondents were offered a chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card. This survey takes into account clinicians currently practicing medicine. Of the 2,081 respondents who qualified for the survey, 1,675 completed it. At the 95% confidence level, the survey has an error range of +/- 2.4%.