Interactive Tools

Licensing Map

Find out everything you need to know about the licensing requirements in your state. Choose, click and compare several states at a time.

Physician Assistant Practice Laws

Physician Assistants are gaining more autonomy across the country. This interactive map provides details for their scope of practice in each state.

Cost Comparison Calculator

Compare the costs of employing physicians full-time versus using locum tenens physicians and discover the high cost of not using either.

Nurse Practitioner Practice Laws

Nurse Practitioners are increasingly being recognized as valued healthcare providers in the U.S. This map details each state’s statutes and regulations.

Telemedicine Law Map

Compare the reimbursement policies for telemedicine services within each state, as well as the laws surrounding prescriptions and cross-state licensure. Best of Staffing Client Logo Best of Staffing Talent Logo Fortune Best Workplace Logo NALTO Logo Beyond Profit Logo